Yippeee I live in a cave

No seriously, we are underground again. In a military bunker or something. I’m sure I’ve seen this place in a dozen films. It’s probably an easy set to build. Build one hall and just use it over and over again at different angles.

I took a long elevator ride. Walked down halls. Took a long elevator ride. Walked down more halls. Was shown where the bathroom was, shown where the mess hall was and shown the door of my “room.” That and a long bus ride was my day.

I’m bunking with Adit. It’s only us two in this little room. I guess we’re lucky we don’t have a Greystle goon as a roomy. But having Adit as my roommate means I have to watch what I say. He’ll remember every stupid thing I do – forever.

They staggered us getting into the elevators, so I don’t know where anybody else is. I miss Janice a lot. Not knowing where she is makes it feel like I haven’t seen her in a long time. Of course, she could be next door. That would be good.

Orientation tomorrow. We’re all freshman now.