Hey, Sally here.

Rob keeps a diary. That is so cute. He even has a slate for to it. That is a good thing because Rob’s handwriting is awful. I had better handwriting when I was just doing block letters in pre-school. I’m doing cursive now.

Rob, two things:
1) I hope you like my unicorn stickers. If you’re going to tell the guards that this is my slate it has to look like it.
2) my mom’s name is perhaps the most obvious password ever.

And Rob before you freak I stopped reading after 2 posts. I think you really probably didn’t want me to read this when you handed it to me. But I think you’re going to have to tell me what POV is and what it has to do with me, that talented magical princess friend of yours.

So here is what is going on: Aliens. Yep Aliens.

The aliens are studying what we are like when we are trapped in a building and not being allowed to go outside.

That way they will know what will happen when they put us in a space ship and not allow us to go outside.